We want the decision to be easy for you. There are already enough headaches when planning such a special day! Thus, we offer one package and one package only:

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5-6 min highlight
This is the usual highlight reel with music interwoven gracefully. The true creative expression of an editor comes to fruition here.

Full Ceremony
The entire ceremony non-stop between two cameras. Clean, simple, and still sentimental. The run time is however long your ceremony is!

Full day Edit
Now this is one thing I never see videographers do. Why shoot so many clips if they're never even used? Thus, an edit comprising the whole day will be made. No fancy cinematography or music, just pure memories you can reminisce on... Or laugh at immensely. The usual run time is between 30mins to an hour.

You also have the option of removing either the Highlight, Full Ceremony Edit, or the Full Day edit if you like. The respective cost will be removed from the entire package. Likewise, if you want to combine the Full day edit and the ceremony edit into one video, we will shave $100 dollars off the entire package. 


                                           Now, these are completely optional, but little added perks that would spice up your content!

Raw Footage $300
We produce a fantastic product that we truly believe in, but we also understand that there are fellow creators out there who also have a vision. Thus, we offer the raw footage for purchase! The complete raw footage usually equates to about 50gbs, so you will have plenty to sort through!

Drone Footage $200
Have you ever wanted to be in the sky? Well... Unfortunately we cannot do that for you, but we can fly a drone! It's a way to add an interesting perspective to your special day! You also receive all raw aerial footage.


If this all sounds great to you, shoot Complete Focus LLC an email or give us a call:

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