Thank you for visiting the pricing page! Our old package is being displayed, but will be expiring July 31st! We believe our new offer is amazing, but we understand the interest in our current services! 

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5-6 min highlight
This is the usual highlight reel with music interwoven gracefully. The true creative expression of an editor comes to fruition here.

Full day Edit
Now this is one thing I never see videographers do. Why shoot so many clips if they are never even used? Thus, an edit comprising the whole day will be made. No fancy cinematography or music, just pure memories you can reminisce on... Or laugh at immensely. The usual run time is between an hour to two hours and also includes the full ceremony! 

Full Ceremony
Not interested in the full day? That's okay! We can deliver just the Ceremony if that is what you prefer! The entire ceremony non-stop between two cameras. Clean, simple, and still sentimental. The run time is however long your ceremony is!


This is our new package coming into effect July 31st:


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5-6 min Highlight Film
This is the same highlight reel we have offered from the very beginning! However, we have decided to focus heavily on the narrative audio brings! From speeches, to intimate letters, or even silly comments, we aim to include that in every motion picture we produce. For the sake of the story.

Full Ceremony Film
This film is to relive the moment you said "I do." It will be cut between three cameras to ensure that we do not miss a single moment! This is the definition of clean, simple, and still sentimental. The length is however long your ceremony is!

All of the raw footage
It is like going through an album of pictures, but you hear it! Sorting through all of the footage will fill you laughter, tears, and remind you all over again of how amazing your day was.

2 Videographers
There is only so much one person can capture. So, having an extra hand ensures we can maximize our coverage! Every big moment captured plus more! 

1 Minute Film Trailer
A trailer to build the anticipation of your amazing day! A short, but sweet assessment of it all! Just so happens to be a great video to post on your Instagram as well!



                                                                                                              Extra option:
Documentary Film $700
                                                                                                               Mention it when you contact us and we will explain it in detail!


This pricing is not official until after July 31st, but if you are interest, feel free to mention it when you contact us!

Complete Focus looks forward to hearing from you! 

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