A hobby became a passion...

         I had always made little edits here and there. Whether it was something I felt held profound qualities or crazy "home" movies with friends. I just kept hitting the record button. However, my outlook changed when one of my buddies enrolled me in his wedding business and showed me that media creation could also be profitable. This astounded me, to such a degree that I reorganized my entire career plan. After almost two years with their business, I decided to part ways. However, I rooted myself within the industry. I love what I do and I want people to love what I make. I have vast experience in varied types of shoots, from interviews, of course wedding videography, and even a little of the music video scene. I am immensely excited to be pursuing this endeavor and I hope, more than anything, you would be willing to have me.

-Cleartry J. Clark Jr.
 Owner of CF LLC


What is Complete Focus?

       Complete Focus LLC is a wedding video production company dedicated to creating quality media. Oklahoma is the current base of operations and a pursuit to add a greater level of video production is the primary goal. All too often, content creators neglect one fundamental principle: Always improve. 

The aim as creatives is to push the boundaries and encourage other creators to follow. As a consumer, you deserve a product that you love. As creators, we should accommodate your desires, while contouring it to our unique style. Thus, Complete Focus LLC is here to shake up the formula.

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We look forward to working with you!